Hey pal, the names Rat-A-Tat and you look like just the person Ive been wanting to meet for, well, forever! Ive been singing the hound dog blues in a rural kill shelter for quite some time now, but now that Im in a foster home, Im happy and hopeful t...
Hey pal, the name s Rat-A-Tat and you look like just the person I ve been wanting to meet for, well, forever! I ve been singing the hound dog blues in a rural kill shelter for quite some time now, but now that I m in a foster home, I m happy and hopeful that I ll find a loving family who can show me that there is a kinder side to life after all. My foster mom doesn t know much about me yet, but...
************COURTESY LISTING IF INTERESTED IN EGG AND WORM PLEASE CONTACT ISABELLE XXXX@virginia.edu **************** Egg loves to run around and explore the world. She often leaps onto the couch just so she can jump back down. Though she likes to eat, she isn t particularly motivated by food. It s Egg s intense curiosity for the world around her that keeps her going. Her favorite activity is d...
Pumpkin and Patty are a precious and clean senior pair of miniature lops that are looking for a new home . They are both seven and a half years old but are in good health and still have lots of love to give and living to do ! They would make good free range buns in a bunny proofed home.
Barney (four year old English Angora) and Penelope (5yr old French Lop) are a darling pair , they are big buns and would do well free roaming in a bunny proofed home . They also enjoy daily petting ! Barnaby's fur needs regular grooming and he is very tolerant of that . Penelope has the thick French lop fur and needs grooming as well she is not so tolerant of it , giving her a treat before and ...
********COURTESY LISTING IF INTERESTED IN GEM PLEASE CONTACT ROODY - XXXX@gmail.com ********** Hi, I'm Gem! My current caretaker calls me that because I am a perfect little Gemini and an absolute gem of a bun. I am a fearless explorer who loves evening snuggles. I may have been a cat in a former life because I love to perch myself on my caretakers desk, sleep on a cat bed in a cat tent, and che...
Hope and Patience are a stunning pair of lionhead sisters , they are very tightly bonded and were at risk of being separated in their search for a new home before we took them in. They are friendly , active and very great with their litter box !
Loki is a very attractive minilop boy , we estimate he is 4yrs old , he weighs seven pounds ! Loki is always looking for attention and treats , he enjoys interacting with people and likes cuddles !
Hollly is Charlottes daughter , shes a lovable girl who is still living with her brothers Johnny and Mickey !
Arnold is a recent transfer from All Creatures Sanctuary and Bunnies Matter in Vegas too , he and many other buns made the journey all the way from Las Vegas to the east coast several weeks ago. He is 1 of the Vegas Dump Site bunnies you may have read about in the news and he is ready to start his new life as an east coast bunny ! Arnold is an adventurous boy and his main questions is always wh...
Hunter is a lovely baby boy born March 24th . Hunter would be a good bonding candidate . He is very lovable and friendly and good with his litter box !
Charlotte is a exquisite harlequin girl , who was found on a farm when Rangers Refuge moved in , she and three other buns had been abandoned to fend for themselves . Thankfully Rangers Refuge was able to capture the buns and bring them in but Charlotte gave birth shortly after capture , her babies are now weaned and up for adoption as well ! Charlotte is a wonderful, gentle girl who is very nic...
Charlie is 1 of Charlottes babies , he looks just like his mom , hes a wonderful boy who would make a good bonding candidate !
Robbie is a wonderful young man . Hes 1 of Charlottes sons!
Howard is so attractive , hes 1 of Charlottes babies a very cute boy and nice with his litter box !
Mickey is another 1 of Charlottes sons hes a wonderful boy who is still living with his brother Johnny and sister Holly
Johnny is 1 of Charlottes sons , hes a wonderful by who is still living with his brother Mickey and sister Holly.
Tiger is a precious lion lop boy as you can see he has nice hair ! Tiger enjoys interacting with people and other buns and would make a good bonding candidate.
*******************COURTESY LISTING PLEASE CONTACT ASHLEY XXXX@gmail.com TO INQUIRE ABOUT ADOPTING THESE CUTIES ***************** We are looking for a loving, friendly home for our 2 beloved pet bunnies. We have owned them for the past 4yrs, but unfortunately our 2-year-old daughter is allergic to them, and we have no choice but to find them a new family. Both bunnies are fixed, and they are a ...
Bonnie and Ted are a lovely miniature rex , velveteen lop pair , they are friendly and outgoing and good with their litter box !
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