Ashley is an precious holland girl estimated to be 2 yrs old . She is good with her litter box and enjoys interacting with people and getting attention !
Loki is a very attractive minilop boy , we estimate he is 4yrs old , he weighs seven pounds ! Loki is always looking for attention and treats , he enjoys interacting with people and likes cuddles !
Robbie is a adorable young man . Hes 1 of Charlottes sons!
Cher is a exquisite lion head /miniature lop mixture . Her fur does require some regular grooming and clipping . Cher was born on march 24th and is still living with her two sisters ideally she would like a home where she can take 1 or both of her sisters with her or be bonded to another bun ! The baby girls are all friendly and good with their litterboxes !
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