ooooolala Howard is just so attractive , this wonderful boy is just under a year old with stunning harlequin markings. Hes a medium size boy at 5-6lbs . Howard is nice at keeping his pen neat and would love to meet some bunny friends !
Holly and Mickey are a lovely brother and sister pair , they weigh in at around seven pounds and are nice with their litter box . These cute buns are just under a year old now, they've been here at the rescue since they were eight weeks old , they would love to finally have a home of their own with lots of attention , treats and room to play !
Charlie is a medium size boy at 7lbs with lush agouti colored fur, hes just under a year old . Hes a cute , gentle boy who would be interested in meeting bunny friends . Hes also very nice with his litter box but wants you to know hes quite seriously opposed to wearing hats !