Hunter is a exquisite baby boy born March 24th . Hunter would be a good bonding candidate . He is really lovable and friendly and good with his litter box !
Tiger is a cute lion lop boy as you can see he has nice hair ! Tiger enjoys interacting with people and other buns and would make a good bonding candidate.
Bonnie and Ted are a exquisite miniature rex , velveteen lop pair , they are friendly and outgoing and good with their litter box !
Dot and Tux are an precious miniature lop , English spot mixture pair . we are estimating their ages as between two and 3yrs old . They are very bonded to each other but also enjoy interacting with people . They would love a home with lots of room to run !
Pumpkin and Patty are a wonderful and clean senior pair of miniature lops that are looking for a new home . They are both seven and a half years old but are in good health and still have lots of love to give and living to do ! They would make good free range buns in a bunny proofed home.